Healay Chaubas, is a remote village in the Kabre Palanchowk District of Nepal, where Kamala Yonzon, founder of the KYT Foundation was born and raised.

The villagers walk an hour to fill jugs of water, then carry the heavy jugs back to their home. Often they must stand in line to wait to fill their jugs, adding to the time consumed by this daily activity. This can be repeated several times a day to obtain enough water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and providing water to animals. 

Piping water to the village will give villagers more time to spend with family, to work and children will be able to attend school. 

Getting water to the village is phase one of a two-phase water/hospital project. 

In a recent trip to Nepal, Kamala successfully negotiated access to two water sources. She also commissioned an engineer report to provide estimation of costing to bring water from both sources to the village. She established a local nonprofit organization in Nepal to oversee administration and ensured that she would have access to supplies and labour. 

Everything is set to go and based upon timing, estimates are that it would take only two to three weeks to complete this first phase of the project and have water flowing to the villagers. 

All that is now needed is $15,000.