Kamala Yonzon is the founder of the Kamala Yonzon Tahrayli Foundation. Kamala grew up in a small village in Nepal called Healay Chaubas in Kabre Palanchowk District. Presently, the nearest hospital is in the capital city of Kathmandu and can reached only by a day-long journey by foot and by bus rides, only when the weather permits. During the monsoons the buses are not able to run as often and villagers are forced to make the journey down the mountain by foot.

Kamala has lived in Canada for over 20 years, but she still has a deep longing to help the villagers in the isolated region of her birth. She has returned many times to visit family members and has witnessed, all too many times, tragic outcomes as a result of birthing complications or illnesses that could have been addressed with easier access to medical attention. 

 Her plan is to build a hospital in this isolated region on land donated by her family. The hospital would be open to all villagers requiring medical attention.  

However, before the hospital can be built, equipped and staffed, water being brought to the location is a priority. There is a spring situated approximately 2.5 km from the proposed hospital site. A second water source is approximately 3 kms from the proposed hospital site. The equipment and labour costs for this phase of the project are estimated at $15,000 CAD. The necessity and resources are there, but currently, the funding is not.

To achieve Kamala's goal, she is reaching out to her community and to others who wish to support her dream.

The KYT Foundation is a registered nonprofit with charitable status pending. 

You can support the KYT Foundation by donating funds or by becoming involved as part of the growing team. We have numerous activities underway that you can participate in.  We welcome your participation!

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